In the next two years, InsyaAllah I will join this test, yes I want to enter diploma iv STAN , so my grade for my civil servant will improve, then my career also will improve, yay aamiin. But before I can enter diploma IV, there are so many requirements that I need to fulfill (Share d-iv.pdf - 328 KB), and I will compete with many "survivor d-iv" from the entire Indonesia.

I need to learn again about akuntansi keuangan, akuntansi biaya, manajemen keuangan and auditing for the academic test. Beside that I also need learn about tes potensi akademik and english. Wish me luck , hardwork will never lie. I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying, so KEEP UP THE SPIRIT LIV !!

I really miss my campus, wait for me , I'll come back soon ;)


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