Office ^^

Pisah sambut kepala kantor wilayah DJP Kalimantan Timur with my lovely friends at office

 from left to right
(ester, kaka ryan, kak bela, me, kak ayub, mba resti)
Pisah sambut kepala kantor wilayah DJP Kalimantan Timur with my lovely friends at office
 from left to the right 
(mas amin , mba resti, me, kak ryan, kak bela, ester, kak ayub)
when you're so tired with LPAD wkwk
Kind of ridiculous thing happened in my office, full of drama, actually I feel sick of this kind of love drama, lol , it's kind of unimportant thing. Now my main focus is still  to my self development, for this time I don't want  thinking much about love and relationship. It will follow for sure after all business with my self actualization has been done.

Talk about self development ..
Now, I am re-open my online shop that I've been left for 1 year , because I am too busy to take care of my another kind self development hehe

so don't forget to check my online shop yaa

see you on the top all :*



In the next two years, InsyaAllah I will join this test, yes I want to enter diploma iv STAN , so my grade for my civil servant will improve, then my career also will improve, yay aamiin. But before I can enter diploma IV, there are so many requirements that I need to fulfill (Share d-iv.pdf - 328 KB), and I will compete with many "survivor d-iv" from the entire Indonesia.

I need to learn again about akuntansi keuangan, akuntansi biaya, manajemen keuangan and auditing for the academic test. Beside that I also need learn about tes potensi akademik and english. Wish me luck , hardwork will never lie. I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying, so KEEP UP THE SPIRIT LIV !!

I really miss my campus, wait for me , I'll come back soon ;)



It's been a long time since my last post, there are so many things have happened during that period. Alhamdulilah right now, I am officially part of  Direktorat Jenderal Pajak, up and down, drama, i thought all things ever happened during that time. Now, I am doing my internship  in KPP Pratama Balikpapan. Alhamdulilah I got internship place exactly same like what I want. Alhamdulilah, all praises to Allah who giving me so many things to be grateful for, I graduated from STAN with cumlaude grade, I got 1st place as wajah muslimah balikpapan, and I got accepted in Direktorat Jenderal Pajak, now I am waiting for my definitive placement as civil servant. Hopefully I will be placed at balikpapan city, aamiin. That's what I really want right now. Counting days, the rumor said the announcement will be announced 4 days later, wish me luck :))

This is me and my internship friends photo in front of KPP Pratama Balikpapan, I am using glassess over my head :))))))