It's been a long time since my last post, there are so many things have happened during that period. Alhamdulilah right now, I am officially part of  Direktorat Jenderal Pajak, up and down, drama, i thought all things ever happened during that time. Now, I am doing my internship  in KPP Pratama Balikpapan. Alhamdulilah I got internship place exactly same like what I want. Alhamdulilah, all praises to Allah who giving me so many things to be grateful for, I graduated from STAN with cumlaude grade, I got 1st place as wajah muslimah balikpapan, and I got accepted in Direktorat Jenderal Pajak, now I am waiting for my definitive placement as civil servant. Hopefully I will be placed at balikpapan city, aamiin. That's what I really want right now. Counting days, the rumor said the announcement will be announced 4 days later, wish me luck :))

This is me and my internship friends photo in front of KPP Pratama Balikpapan, I am using glassess over my head :))))))


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